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About Enviro Estates

Enviro Estates is a multi award winning independent UK real estate services and development agency operating across Manchester, London, China and Hong Kong. With extensive experience in marketing UK real estate and development opportunities to our strong network of over 4,000 verified Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors we strive to provide our clients with an honest, reliable and high return investment opportunities

Enviro Estates was established in 2007 initially providing landlords with Energy Performance Certificates and then Find a Tenant service. Our founders are Chinese and recognising the increased demand in Hong Kong and Chinese property buyers, the business quickly expanded in serving Hong Kong and Chinese property buyers looking to purchase UK properties. Since entering the Chinese market in 2014, Enviro Estates has become synonymous with serving Hong Kong and Chinese clients with their UK property requirements.

Our philosophy is to deliver a reputable and honest service to both our UK and Hong Kong and Chinese clients, becoming a trusted and leading brand both in the UK as a leading real estate and development agency as well as in China as the number one leading one stop company for all UK property requirements and because our founders are Chinese but raised in the UK, capitalising on our wealth of understanding between the two distinct cultures and providing a seemless connection.

The importance of the Enviro brand to Chinese

Our name Enviro, short for Environment, is synonymous with the key values we encounter when assisting Chinese clients with their UK property purchase.

Above all, a good environment is a key determinant for Chinese clients looking to buy a property in the UK. We frequently are requested to look for properties in a good, safe, secure and convenient environment; hence our brand has become the foundation to this core value.


We have quickly become a market leader in global marketing services for UK real estate. Follow our journey below



Founded in Manchester, providing landlords with Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), quickly becoming a leading provider within the industry providing around 2,000 certificates a year


Launched into China

Recruiting a dedicated property advisor in Beijing, Enviro Estates China Desk Company sets up in the capital city of China in the first half of 2015 and then moving into Shanghai in the last part expanding its client base.


Launched into Hong Kong

Recognising the growing demand for Hong Kong and Chinese property buyers and with our founders being Chinese, Enviro Estates enters the Hong Kong market making its first sale to a Hong Kong buyer for a UK home seller in just 6 weeks


Investment and Growth

Achieving a client database of 4,000 verified Mainland Chinese property buyers, Enviro Estates seeks investment from an independent Chinese entrepreneur. Enviro Estates also increases its letting management client base, focusing on Hong Kong and Chinese buyers with existing buy to let properties in the UK growing by on average 20 new lettings management properties a month


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As they say, it’s about who you know. But, we think its not who you know, or what you know; it's what you know about who you know - and we want to know you. As a fast growing company, we always looking for great people to join our family and enjoy sucess together. So, where do you want to go?

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