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Enviro Estates developed unique skills in promoting and retailing “off plan properties”. The challenge involved in the promoting “Off Plan Developments” is the concept of selling a vision, dream of the finished property. The Development will be a plot of land with planning permission for a number of units or properties.

The demand for off plan properties is predominantly international driven with the majority originating from Eastern Asia, China and Hong-Kong. In order to cater for this segment of the market our business has developed skills, knowledge, business procedures and training programme for the delivery of a professional service to this clientele.

In addition to selling off plan properties we provide property management service to our Landlords and Tenants. This has been the core part of business and has developed a company structure with procedures to cater for this market. We now has a substantial number of Hong Kong based landlords whom we manage their properties

Our business over the years have developed a unique reputation with some of the prestigious property developers in the UK such as Barratt Homes, Property Alliance Group, Berkeley Group and many more.

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