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Prolific dedicated marketing of UK properties to Mainland Chinese & Hong Kong buyers

Expos and Events

There isn't a month that goes by without an event or expo being held in Hong Kong showcasing overseas property investment. It has become a comfort zone for investors across China and particularly Hong Kong to attend shows and events with a view to investing and buying a property overseas

UK Property - A top choice for Hong Kong buyers

UK property remains an attractive investment option for Hong Kong buyers with low entry prices compared to the local market. In comparison, Hong Kong is now one of the most expensive cities in the world with an average house price of nearly £1 million, almost 1.5 times the average house price of London, sure reason why the UK remains a top spot for investment from Hong Kong buyers

With a dedicated advisor in our Hong Kong regional division, we offer our clients the personal touch assisting them every step of the way when buying a UK property.

Shows and events are still by far the most effective marketing strategy for selling UK property to Hong Kong buyers, both in terms of Return on Investment and conversion rates.

Expo and Event

Fluent speaking Chinese Property Consultants who have been fully trained and briefed on your property or development will represent your company or property at a dedicated show or event. We provide the face to face contact to prospective Chinese property investors.

Our professional property consultants will present, entice and encourage prospective property investors to reserve their choice of property at the Expo Event and thereafter to organise the reservation fee. Your marketing and promotional material will be professionally displayed at the Show stands. We regularly hold shows and events in Hong Kong. View the image to the right as an example of a show and event we have held

Show and Event

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