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Prolific dedicated marketing of UK properties to Mainland Chinese & Hong Kong buyers

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We take a pro-active approach to marketing UK properties to Chinese & Hong Kong buyers from social media campaigns to full scale expos and events. Whether selling or letting your property or development, our dedicated china marketing package will enhance your property's exposure to Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau overseas investors and clients.

Chinese Social Media

Our Marketing Channels

Social Media Marketing in China

With an internet population of 650 million and 70% of social media users are under the age of 35 spending on average of 90 minutes per day on social media platform and with over 38% of Chinese consumers making product purchase decisions based on recommendations they read on social networks, we have placed significant investment and emphasis on social media marketing.

Enviro Estates has an official social media presence in China, appearing on the major platforms including WeChat and Sina Weibo; and our dedicated Chinese website which is hosted in Beijing, China behind the famous firewall.

WeChat: WeChat is an instant messenging app with over 1.1 billion registered users of which 818 million are monthly active users and 570 million users using it everyday posting over 280 million messages a day. WeChat's outstadning growht means it is now widely considered as the number one platform for promoting products and services. Enviro Estates has an official WeChat business account promotiong UK real estate to our trusted followers.

Weibo: Weibo is termed microblogging in Chinese and consists of a number of competitive websites all with a social media aspect and targeted audience. By far one of the most popular and diverse Chinese social network site across all age ranges and social classes is Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo also has impressive figures with over 600 million registered accounts and 132 million daily active users with 64,000 posts every minute. Enviro estates has a Sina Weibo account promoting UK real estate.

When you market your property through Enviro Estates, we will promote your property across these two social media platforms.

Online Property Portals

We advertise on the leading Chinese property portals is a leading property portal in China, equivelant to Rightmove. It has 34 million Members on its database and enjoys over 9 million unique visits per month. Juwai is the first stop for Chinese property buyers looking for overseas property. Juwai states they have 2.4 million high-net-worth Chinese consumers.

UKLEJU: Meaning Happy Home, UKLEJU is dedicated to UK property for Chinese buyers, predominantly attracting Chinese students.

Existing Client Base

Market to our verified network of over 4,000 Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors which we have personally collected over a number of years

Enviro Estates has established a strong trusted network of Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong property buyers. Our database ranges from clients looking for low value investment projects to high-net worth individuals looking for a unique and exclusive residence. Additionally we have access to a further 19,000 Hong Kong property buyers through our third party network associates for an additional fee.

Expo and Events

Expos and events have a proven track record of delivering results for selling properties to Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors

Enviro Estates has extensive experience in arranging expo events in Hong Kong and Mainland China for UK property developers. We are able to arrange events from small boutique private events to large scale expos. Our cost-effective approach enables us to deliver a result driven service.

Whether you have a development, property portfolio or just a single property to market, we can help arrange an event tailored to your needs. For more infromation please feel free to contact our China Desk.

China Desk

Our China Desk is our businest department run by a small team of just five consultants. Our China Desk consults both Chinese & Hong Kong property buyers and investors as well as working with our UK desk assisting UK clients looking to market their property, portfolio of properties or property development to our verified network of over 4,000 Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong investors meticulously collected over a number of years.

The Market

China has experienced an unprecedented scale of growth over the last decade, collectively bringing prosperity and wealth to the country. Learn more about the China market and Chinese culture.

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From pre-owned homes filled with love, new build homes fresh out of the bag to small or large development projects or wholesale portfolio acquisitions, learn more about what our Chinese & Hong Kong client base are looking for

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