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Cities with Best Rental Yield in the United Kingdom

The decision to purchase an investment property in the UK may be a challenging decision and can lead to trial and error. We have compiled this article for your insight into the best cities for rental yield. We have used research untaken from various organisations and sources.

However if you have already purchased a property in the UK then may be this article will give some insight and comparison to rental income from other cities. It is important to note that we have not taken into account the capital appreciation that some of these cities has yield, therefore your investment strategy may be based on capital appreciation rather than rental yield. 

In some cases Chinese or Far East property investors will base their strategy on capital growth and would rather leave their property unoccupied. This will be an attraction or feature for the second purchaser in that the property will be considered as new and not lived in (assuming the first purchaser brought from new).

Totally Money has identified through their research that Nottingham with the postcode NG1 came out on top with an average buy to let rental yield of 12%.

Whilst at the opposite end the city identify as one of the lowest buy to let rental yield was Bournemouth within the postcode BH14, the average yield was 2.37%.  This was followed by the postcode WD3 in Watford with an average buy to let monthly rental yield of 2.34%.

However coming close to the best buy to let rental yield was L7 in Liverpool, this covers areas as Edge Hill, Kensington and Fairfield with 9.79%. Cities such as Sheffield and Bradford came out on top with buy to let rental yields of 8%.

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