UK's First Estate Agent promoting energy efficient properties

Enviro Estates is the estate agency of the future

Enviro Estates has been operating for over 10 years, catering for a new breed of property buyer and seller, landlord and tenant – people wanting ‘greener’ living and establish a presence in the growing Chinese market. Enviro Estates promotes environmentally and energy efficient residential properties around the UK and only markets those with an above average energy performance rating (E and above) and a below average environmental impact.

The company believes it is different because it is not just a dedicated property website, neither is it just a traditional estate agent. Enviro Estates combines these two elements: a strong online presence with an international network of agents with local property and property market knowledge. 

Founders and entrepreneurs, the Fong family believes it is a win-win situation.  “The customer, the environment and your pocket all reap the rewards of living in a more environmentally friendly property.  We have developed Enviro Estates as ‘an estate agency promoting greener living’ so that people benefit from the ease and flexibility of using the web, perhaps to research areas and homes first, but can also take advantage of the more customer-friendly human aspect of being able to talk to an estate agent in their chosen location. We have experienced the massive growth in the Chinese Market in the last ten years and our business has developed strong connections with buyers in China and Hong Kong”

As one of the first property websites focusing on the issues of energy and environmental impact, Enviro Estates recognizes that the market for eco-energy efficient properties has not matured, and the recent decline in the property market has not helped. However we remain optimistic: “The company envelopes three current trends – the popularity of online ‘shopping’ , the growth of ecologically-minded consumers and the expanding Chinese market”

The website lists properties to buy and rent around the UK; properties are only accepted if they fulfill certain energy criteria, hence New Developments will more than likely meet the criteria of eco-friendly properties with new regulations for energy efficiency. Enviro Estates has a further advantage with its own network of agents and database of prospective property investors in Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

All the properties marketed by Enviro Estates have an energy rating and/or environmental impact rating of “E” and above.  An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is now a standard part of the conveyancing procedure and gives a building a standard energy and carbon emission efficiency grade from A to G.  It gives homeowners, potential buyers, tenants and landlords a certificate on the energy efficiency of their property. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the home is, the less impact it has on the environment…and the lower the fuel bills are likely to be!  Some government grants may be available see …

The philosophy behind Fong’s family company is that everyone using Enviro Estates can be reassured that they are purchasing or renting a property with an above average official rating, providing them with excellent returns on energy consumption and lower than average carbon emissions.

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