Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An EPC rates your homes efficiency and the environmental impact it has

An EPC is central to our mission

An EPC rates your homes efficiency and the environmental impact it has. In the UK it is now law that every property for sale or to rent must have a valid EPC and since April 2020 a property must have an EPC rating of an "E" or above for it to be legally rented out at all.

An EPC rating is measured from an A to a G, “A” being the highest. The way to get a better energy rating is to ensure your home has the most up-to-date energy saving solutions, including cavity wall insulation; loft insulation; double glazing; energy saving light bulbs and so forth. Usually buyers will feel more inclined to purchase a property with better energy ratings. An EPC must be produced by an energy assessor qualified to undertake the required EPC.
Enviro Estates has a wealth of experience in energy assessments. Our surveyors are qualified to the highest standards and undergo regular training to ensure we meet the standards our client’s expect and aiming to deliver the highest quality of service in the industry. Enviro Estates has commissioned both residential and commercial EPCs for a range of properties; from houses and flats to small high street shops and public houses, hotels, warehouses, retail outlets and superstores.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Since April 2018 it has been unlawful to grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants for a residential or commercial property with an EPC rating of an F or G unless an exemption has been granted, and for residential property, since April 2020 the rules applied to all new and exisiting tenancies. This has meant that only properties achieving an EPC rating of an A to E are legally allowed to be let out.

Landlords have been required to improve the property’s rating to an E by spending upto £3,500 (if self or partly self funding the improvements) to make energy efficiency improvements which will bring the property up to an "E" rating, or register an exemption, before they enter into a new tenancy.
The best place to start to look at what energy efficiency improvements should be undertaken is in the EPC report. The EPC will list recommendations which should improve the energy efficiency of your property. It will include both a short list of top actions you can take, and a more detailed list further down setting out all recommended measures. If after implementing all the recommended improvements the property's EPC rating is still not at the required E rating, you may apply for an exemption on the grounds that ‘all relevant improvements have been made and the property remains below an E’.

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