Residential Lettings

Enviro Estates is your first UK & Chinese lettings and property management provider

Transfer your lettings to Enviro Estates

Our hassle-free transfer process makes switching letting agent simple. We will take care of the complete process keeping you up to date at each step

1. Contact Us

First, contact us and inform us you wish to transfer your lettings property to us.

We will send our lettings management terms and conditions to yourself. We would also require a copy of your identification such as a passport or driving licence together with a proof of address such as a utility bill.

You will also need to tell us your current letting agent and provide their details.

2. Sign our terms and email your existing agent

Once you have signed our terms and provided your identifcation, you will need to also issue notice of cancellation on your existing agent

3. That's it... the rest is up to us

Leave the rest to us. We will contact your existing agent and make arrangements to pass everything on to ourselves. We will handle all the deposit transfer, contact your tenant

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Lettings in Manchester

We have a proven track record of providing a 5 star rated professional service across Manchester and Greater Manchester

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Lettings in London

With a portfolio of fully mananged properties across Greater London, we serve both landlords resident in the UK and overseas

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