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The market for Chinese buyers interest in UK property

China Desk

China has experienced an unprecedented scale of growth over the last decade, collectively bringing prosperity and wealth to the country. Learn more about the China market and Chinese culture.

Although China’s growth has slowed down over recent years, be in no doubt that even with a slower paced economy consumption growth is still tracing a staggering trajectory. By 2020, China’s consumer economy is projected to expand by about half even if annual GDP growth slows to 5.5%. To put this into perspective even at this worst case scenario growth rate, this growth will still be comparable to adding a consumer market of 1.3 times larger than that of today’s Germany or UK.

Appetite for UK Property

With the growth of wealth across China, Chinese have grown an increasing appetite for UK property. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and knowledge to professionally promote and market your property, properties or development in the Chinese market. Depending on which service you select, we will proactively seek a buyer for your property, undertake the translation of your property description into traditional or simplified Chinese. Our sevices also extends to helping with financial planning of Chinese investors looking to purchase UK property to selecting a Cantonese or Mandarin speaking solicitor for their transaction and other requirements.

Chinese investors interested in Manchester property

Manchester is rapidly becoming a hot destination for Chinese property buyers. According to Juwai, In January 2018, Chinese buyer enquiries were 255.6% higher than in the same month a year earlier. In Liverpool, Chinese buyer enquiries were 160% higher than in the same month one year earlier. Meanwhile enquiries for London were almost down by half

With the growth of property prices in London, Manchester has become a leading destination attracted by culture, economic growth and affordable property prices.

Our average Manchester property buyer is looking for new or relatively new build property with an average budget of £200,000.

Chinese investors interested in London property

London has and will always be a top destination for Chinese property buyers. In the first six months of 2017 Chinese investors spent 3.96 billion pounds on commercial property alone in London.

Although reports have suggested a fall in Chinese property buyers interested in London property, we have seen relatively stable demand from Chinese clients looking to purchase London property.

Our average London property buyer is looking for new or relatively new build property near the major three universites (KCL, UCL and ICL) with an average budget of £1,000,000.

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