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According to a number of journals the Estate Agent industry is now changing. It seems that the Franchise industry are leading the way, it is claimed that this business model provides estate agents with a lower risk and higher returns.

Estate Agent franchises has traditional been around for quite considerable time, there is no longer a one size fits all model. In fact, there are so many variations of a property franchise that it noww even hard pressed to find key differences. The market has become segmented and niches sectors have developed. At one end of the scale, you have the likes of Belvoir, Century 21, Martin & Co and Hunters historically traditional agents focused on having a strong high-street presence and attracting ambitious agents. These top-level management franchises also appeal to the more distant business owner types Fundermentally these people who might have little or no property experience and rely on the Franchise operation to provide the knowledge and operating format, thereby benefiting from an experienced team around them and, of course, the profits.

At the other end of the scale, you have ‘officeless’ broker-style franchises, like Meyers and Moveli, which are less about having the awareness of the brand or a physical branch and more about personal profile.

Some property franchises have helped to pave the way for a range of people to be a successful property agent, providing freedom, self expression and the ability to achieve your own success.

Comments from Franchise Owners

Gareth Samples, CEO of The Property Franchise Group, which owns brands including Hunters and Martin & Co, says it’s about the freedom and removal of that glass ceiling: “Being part of a franchise means that you are the boss and in control of your own business and future. You make the decisions and are not tied to the corporate structure.

Gareth goes on to say “The harder you work, the more you will benefit, and you will also have an asset to sell in the future, or can build a business that you can pass onto family members.” Belvoir’s Head of Franchise Recruitment, Martin Bunney, agrees, “Earnings potential is limited only by time served and ambition. Many of our franchisees exceed £1 million turnover and have sold their franchises, after reaching their goals, for more than £1.7 million”

Glynis Frew, Managing Director of Hunters, says that “Initially agents used to join a franchise for the marketing expertise that could be offered to facilitate growth. She adds, “Regulation and compliance requirements can be digested by the centre and converted into practical steps for the franchisees, saving them time and providing a level of security that the independent would not have time or resources to do.”

The estate agent franchises industry’s annual turnover in the UK amounts to £13.4 billion; from 929 brands; with 40,100 outlets employing 594,000. Most importantly for anyone in property considering opening a new business.

The reasons for going down the franchise route are. Someone else has already developed and tested the concept. You have immediate access to advertising campaigns and an established brand; access to specialist training and economies of scale as part of a large group. Most importantly you operate under a Brand.

Join Enviro Estates Franchise

The new Franchise Estate Agent is Enviro Estates being the UK first to promote energy efficient and sustainable home. With the continual emphasise on energy efficent homes with new government legistration on Energy Efficiecy Performance (EPC) rating of “E” and above homes for lettings to be the minumin requirement. This may increase to EPC rating of “C”, however at Enviro Estates we promote the sale of properties above “D” rating Enviro Estates incentives Landlords and Ventors who have properties or home with a EPC rating “A” , offering zero percentage commission.

Our low up front fee and marketing support will help new businesses off to a flying start. The enviro estates brand is the first to be launched in the UK to promote energy efficient properties.

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